Vouchers …

Short and sweet this morning as I get ready to travel to Manchester.

But I have been thinking more about my idea for giving critiques as Christmas gifts. It might seem an odd gift, but for someone who’s serious about writing, it might be just what they need in the new year.

I will update my website this weekend … but this is how it works.

Pay me for a voucher that will have a unique code and you can print and put inside a gift card. The voucher will have my email on it and all they have to do is email me with their story. It will be redeemable for all of 2013!

A short story up to 1200 words usually costs £20 but voucher price is only £15, or I can critique 2 stories for as low as £25!

A longer short story up to 5000 words usually costs £40 but I will do it for a special voucher price of £30, or two for £50!

And for that they get a copy edit and an editorial report 🙂

If you’re interested inbox me writer@debzhobbs-wyatt.co.uk

No Blog tomorrow as I’ll be in travelling, so have a great weekend and will Blog about the event in Manchester on Monday!

Happy Christmas all!


Let your dreams soar …


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One response to “Vouchers …

  1. Mandy Davies

    Hope it goes well for you today. Have a great time.

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