The writer creeps out of her burrow … I am giving a reading tomorrow in Manchester

Head pokes out from under writer’s duvet … sniff sniff … is there anybody there?

So much of writing, as you will all know, is spent alone in front of a computer, with perhaps the cats that like to spread themselves across the keys, and the dog that nudges you with her wet nose when you’ve been so engrossed in another world you lose all track of time. I have often found a little feline face peering at me over the edge of my laptop and another to my side and a doggy at my knee and then eyes glance to the right hand corner of the screen to find it’s … oops it was dinner time like two hours ago.

There’s this thing called the Writers’ Licence that allows you to legitimately spend time in someone else’s head and in a place of your own creation … but if you spend too much time there … beware! We are a weird breed.

Some of us write because we like the solitude, we don’t want to be front of house … so … when those successes come (as you know they will) you are expected to stand in front of the people you wrote for (right?) and give a reading. Now some of you hate this. I have to say I am more used to it now, but we all get nervous … but since these are your words, enjoy showing them off as they’re intended to be read.

And why am I tittering on about this? Well … let me tell you … I would hardly call myself a mouse, although one for the limelight … maybe not. However, being the rather loud and mad person I am I can handle the spotlight …. kind of. And anyone in or near Manchester I will be there tomorrow evening celebrating the launch of Sarah Dobbs’s novel Killing Daniel … she had the guest post a few weeks ago. If you missed it, read it again here:  GUEST POST

The first part of the evening will be myself and A J Ashworth, fellow Unthologist reading from our stories (Sarah also has a story in this book) and the second half will be focussed on Sarah. The publisher Unthank Books will also be there 🙂

So here’s the details: The Kings Arms, 11 Bloom Street, Salford M3 6AN, 7.30 pm.

Details also on the FB page here: FACEBOOK

Books will be available and we will be signing. Gill from Bridge House will also be there and we’ll have a few other books I have stories in, for selling and signing too!

I would love it if anyone local can come and do come and say hi!

And for those that haven’t seen Unthology 3 (as if, not that I’ve talked about it or anything … much) follow the link to buy from Amazon!

Happy Writing all!

Unthology 3 Cover

Buy me!


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