It’s that time of year … thinking ahead

Apart from all the craziness of this lovely season, it also makes me want to write. I love being at home with the family over the holidays and for some reason it makes me want to cosy on down and write something.

As the business of the last few weeks starts its slow down towards Christmas, when I suspect my clients have other things on their mind than writing (and paying me to critique!) do think ahead to new year and your aspirations.

I will be adding some new year offers to my website so if your new years resolution is to finally get that novel sorted or your collection of short stories ready to publish or submit in the hope of publishing, then it might be a good time to get in touch.

I’ll do a special price on critiques and mentoring for 2013. I’d like to do more with my mentoring programme, perhaps take on a couple of  aspiring writers for more of a one to one programme over a few weeks to develop them … especially for those newer writers out there. I can tailor the mentoring to suit individual needs and set aside time to not only critique as we go but perhaps some chats on the phone. So do bear this in mind and think about it as we head for another exciting new year.

As I prepare for the final workshop with my Year 7s I have chocolate, I have book marks and I have books … and today we will look at editing. The thing about children is they think once they finish writing their story … that’s it. Until I come along and show them what editing is … but I think it’s an important lesson!

So as I run through today’s lesson plan one more time … I bid you a great weekend and if anyone has any festive stories I am looking for some for Cafelit that I edit for so starting next week we can have a story a day … although the ones at the start of the week are not festive … here’s the link: CAFELIT

Something festive for you …



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