Countdowns and Word Counts and … 2 books to give away


I do love this time of year and as soon as December arrives I allow the season to invade! Already I see there are three doors open on the pets’ advent calendars (well they are my children) while I get all festive with the latest Jacquie Lawson advent calendar! Beautiful 🙂

It seems incredible to me that in two and a half weeks time I’ll be journeying down on the train with Rosie to the parents and looking forward to one of the rare times I don’t work … for a few days at least. I have to say this has been a busy time so I have been working over the weekend, but t’will be worth it. And I love it so it doesn’t feel like work 🙂

As I worked, burrowing into my soul,  is that little Christmas feeling; you know it’s all glowy and warm, and it seems to whisper to me … like the Coca Cola advert … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … 

This is a busy week as I prepare to go to Manchester today, working with Gill lecturing at the uni tomorrow (Rosie doesn’t know she is being abandoned yet but she loves the neighbour so will be happy so long as someone is popping in, feeding her, telling her it’s bedtime etc. )

Back tomorrow and then playing catch up with work before writing group Christmas dinner on Wednesday 🙂 Then we have some doggie hair cutting and vaccinating to do around my work schedule on Thursday before my final workshop at the school on Friday. Busy. Busy. Busy.

And still below it all I can hear it … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … 

So that is the busy writing and everything else kind of week for me, as we count down to Christmas … but I must do some work on the novel today … and that I hope is more of a  count up … word wise.

But isn’t this a lovely time of year … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … 

Have a great writing week all!


Oh and know what you need? The Bridge House Advent Children’s Collection, a story a day from December 1st … there will still be time to catch up if you get one now!   In fact I have 2 copies here … this is what you have to do, reply to this post and the first two who say ” Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming … Holiday’s a coming …  can have a free copy that I’ll post when I get back on Wednesday. Suitable for junior school children … go on … the lucky ones will then need to email me your addresses … see what that holiday feeling is doing to me … coming over all generous .. and why not? 🙂

Cover by Colin Wyatt BUY here: BUY


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