Making a difference …

Today’s post is short and sweet as I get ready for the third workshop with the children at John Bright School.

I truly believe it does make a difference what we learn as children. And it’s not just about story and what they learn about creative writing, but also what they learn about animals.

The school has been great in encouraging the group to do some research, as all good writers should, so they have changed their focus to more unusual animals now they know something about them.

I hope the Paws Workshops show how to get right into the head of the animal and how this teaches empathy.

I am having a great time with them and look forward to looking at what a good ending needs to do.

If you haven’t read about the Paws Animal Writing Competition, do have a look at my website: PAWS — Children in School Years 5-11 (aged 9-16 approx.) Wild n Free Too will be published in time for Christmas 2013 and there will be a special launch in London 🙂  LINK  OPEN UNTIL JANUARY 25th … stories about wild animals 500 — 1500 words! Still plenty of time 🙂

And please do think about adding Wild n Free to your stocking filler lists. These are the winners and runners-up from the first competition last year and royalties to The Born Free Foundation.

I won’t even break even in what I’ve invested in this project, but it isn’t about that  — it’s about so much more and I really hope you buy this book from Amazon … link with cover.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Buy me from Amazon for £7 and help animals

Buy me from Amazon for £7 and help animals


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